There is so much slang and jargon in sports betting. Not knowing what these words mean can affect your betting experience. If you want to increase your chances of winning, it is best to learn all these terms. Online sports betting sites, like agent ts911, offer various glossary lists.

Accumulator. This refers to a bet which includes several selections. All the selected options should be correct for the bet to win.

Arbitrage. It is when the odds available on a single betting market lets you make more than one bet with a guaranteed profit.

Bookie. A bookmaker is often abbreviated to a bookie. A bookmaker is an individual or organization taking bets in a professional capacity.

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Dog player. This bettor tends to bet on underdogs. Underdogs are those least likely to win.

Grand Salami. This wager is for ice hockey only. It is a bet on the total number of goals made in ice hockey matches for the whole day.

Nickel. A slang term meaning a $500 bet.

Off the board. The bookmaker is taking no more bets if the betting market is off the board.

Payout. This refers to the money a winner receives from the bookmaker after winning a bet.

Proposition bet or prop bet. It is a wager on a specific outcome in any sport. An example of this is betting on who will be the first player to score.

Punter. A person who bets or a bettor is also known as a punter.

Push. A push is a tied wager. The bettor will receive the stake back.

Return. The sum of money received from a winning wager is the return.

Sharp. An experienced professional or a skilled bettor is what you call a Sharp.

Smart Money. This is a kind of wager. It is what you call wagers placed by very experienced bettors or those with rare information.

Square. This refers to a novice bettor who usually loses money.

Stake. The money you put at stake is the sum of money you wager.

You can save an ไอ โฟน ก็ อป or Android copy of the list of terms so you can have easy access to them. Knowing these terms will let you enjoy betting more. The confusion can sometimes cause unbelievable frustration. It prevents you from getting a great experience you could have otherwise.