The Practical Strategy Adopted For Playing QQ Poker

The Practical Strategy Adopted For Playing QQ Poker

QQpoker is basically poker played on the internet by players around the globe, at the same time. This has shown an increase in poker players, which may due to the fact the classic poker venues or a place like Vegas maybe out of reach for certain, people who are interested in the game or just simply might be appalling for new up and coming players.

Advantages of playing online Poker

There are several advantages of playing poker online rather than going to a physical venue. The first and best one is no travel costs, no tipping. Online poker can be played at the comfort of your own bed, which means you don’t have to pay to travel anywhere or pay for tipping.

The next best advantage is there are always games happening 24×7. You can log on at 2 pm or 2 am and there will be numerous games happening at once and you have the freedom to join any you desire, this should help with that poker playing mood at 3 am.

QQ Poker

The biggest advantage (mainly for new players) is the fact there are micro limits. In basic terms you can bet as low as $2, this will help with new players practice their game without losing too much money and help them gain confidence in their skills to move up the tables and move up the prices.

Disadvantages of Online Poker

One of the biggest disadvantages of playing QQpoker is the disconnection to other players. One of the fundamental skills of poker is the ability to find certain “tell” in another person or read their body language and make decisions based on that. With online poker, you cannot see the other player and lose the ability to practice or refine your skills or reading people which may make playing the game even harder.

Playing online can also be dull and boring after a certain time. Due to the fast-paced games online and the fact you lose money instantaneously there is no chance of sorting out bets and strategies. The fast pace also means that everything is happening quickly and you might lose the chance to enjoy the game and take it in.

In conclusion

Poker is a game as old as time, made popular by media, with the rise of online poker and the number of players now joining the game due to the ease of play and convenience, this is a game that is not dying anytime soon and whether you want to play to try and for fun or for a serious high stakes game, online poker will be a great way to make or lose money but have a good time.