From The Beginning To The QQPokeronline Rooms

From The Beginning To The QQPokeronline Rooms

Online poker has become a global phenomenon over the years and has exploded into mainstream success in the last five years. The game of poker is recognized to be the game which requires a high level of intellect and brainpower. It requires a substantial degree of skill and has garnered a reputation of a game of wit, strategy, and skill. The introduction of online poker rooms on qqpokeronline has fueled the movement further.


Birth of Online Poker

In 1998, the idea of real money poker on the internet succeeded with the production of Planet Poker. Beta testing for the game had begun in late 1997 and had seen a growing number of customers who tested the new software.

Mike Caro gave the Planet Poker room a celebrity endorsement and the popularity of poker began to rise.

It became the world’s sole online poker provider for the whole of 1998. At that time, no one would have imagined fully functional poker rooms like the ones on qqpokeronline. A major milestone in the history of online poker was an evening in February 1998, where there were enough players to keep the games running until the following evening.

But unfortunately, the rapidly growing business began to have technical difficulties witha troublesome affair of software improvements, security crises,and poor dial-up internet connections.

Types of Poker

  • Texas Hold’em:It is the most popular of the poker variations and is commonly spotted in movies and TV series. Packed with action and strategy, their game version fits your skills to a tee.
  • Pot Limit Omaha:It takes Texas Hold’em poker to another level.

Both are similar in terms of rules and betting options but there is a distinct difference that, Omaha starts off as four- hole cards compared to two in Texas.

Also, there is a progressive jackpot in the play, adding to the thrill.

The legality of Online Poker

In the US, online poker is legal at the individual level but as far as the state level is concerned, it can be quite tricky and online gambling can be a felony offense in some states such as Utah and Louisiana.

In India, various Supreme Court judgments have declared that offering games of skill is a fundamental right in the Indian constitution and consequently could not be prohibited. But due to peculiar wording of gaming legislation in a few states like Gujarat, Assam, Telangana, it is not permitted to the residents of these states to pay real money poker.