Filipino-Made Card Games To Check Out

Filipino-Made Card Games To Check Out

Card games are part of the Filipino culture. They play cards as a way to socialize and have fun. Filipino game developers focus on the experience the players can have. Here are some Filipino-made card games you should check out.


This game is a tabletop card game developed by BongGaming Studios. Modern and traditional dating methods compete against each other in this game. It involves a lot of strategies and would consume at least half an hour to finish one session. This game is not yet published, but BongGaming Studios continue to add new mechanics to it. The developer keeps on adjusting existing ones to prepare for publishing soon.


Nicanor Valdez of Balangay Entertainment developed this horror cooperative memory card game. The concept of the game is that the players get trapped in a house haunted by a white lady. You have to follow a trail of clues left by a little boy who was the previous tenant. It is the only way to get out, and players need teamwork. You need to work together to mark the trail, remember it, and escape the house within three rounds. If you fail, you get trapped forever.

In this game, you use card sleeves to leave marks on the cards to help you remember the way out of the house. It got its inspiration from Philippine mythological creatures.

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It is an animal-themed card game developed by Fable and Bone. It involves bluffing and skill, and uses hidden role and set collection mechanics. The game uses over eighty cards that have a variety of unique skills. Each player has a designated secret habitat. The goal of the game is to collect the most animals that belong to his or her designated secret habitat.

There are four different decks representing the habitats Forest, Savannah, Sea, and Home. Each contains several animals. A player can Bamzoozle an opponent at any point in the game. This means you can guess an opponent’s secret goal. If you guess it right, the opponent gets a punishment and you get a reward. It is vital to plan a strategy and bluff about which deck you draw your cards from to keep your goals a secret.

The game raises awareness about endangered species. The cards also show how we can protect them.

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